Sober House Project

One of the biggest challenges faced by recovering and recovered drug addicts is that of reintegration into the society. Finding jobs is difficult because of the stigma associated with drug addiction. The Shapers of Dar es Salaam Hub partnered with the International Labor Organization and its team of young trainers to provide Entrepreneurship Skills training to recovering drug addicts at a Sober House in Kigamboni.

On completion of the program the graduates were connected to Local Government Authorities and Private Sector Companies for access to funds and opportunities. This included a field visit to Mohamed Enterprises Limited. The next phase of the program includes rolling out the same program to other Sober Houses and employability skills for the graduates to prepare them more holistically for the economy.



In today’s changing economy it is very important for the young people to be inspired and trained to make the right career choices so that they can plan accordingly and equip themselves with the right skills. The Shapers collaborated with TAI Tanzania to support their Jahazi Project aimed towards working with University Students and providing them with practical skills such as leadership, financial management etc through workshops that ran for seven weeks. Shapers joined in facilitation of some of the modules and even offered to participate in one on one mentoring for the students.

Another area for this project is working with Primary & Secondary School students for the same purpose of inspiration and guidance. For this purpose the Shapers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Projekt Inspire to join them in their school visits.

I Am Positive Campaign

In order to combat the stigma facing the people living with HIV/AIDS the Shapers embarked on a social media campaign where they posted their own photos on different social media platforms with the message ‘I Am Positive’ and a statement of how the shapers live positively. The key messages of this campaign were:

  • I am living positively
  • Behavioral change toward protection is critical and lastly that,
  • To live with HIV/AIDS is NOT to live without human rights and dignity

The campaign managed to get the attention of the general public and generated a lot of feedback and conversations about the perception of the public towards people living with HIV/AIDS.


Independence Day Clean Up

In joining the call of the newly elected President for the citizens of the country to participate in cleaning the country on Independence Day the Shapers also participated in a community clean up on 9th December 2015.