Gloria Steven Masangia

Gloria Masangia is an Architect and works for Terrestrial Arch Consultants. Gloria graduated from Ardhi University-Tanzania, where she persuaded her degree in Architecture in 2015.

She is a member of The Architects Association of Tanzania (AAT) and a Co-Founder of Ujenzi Maarifa, an initiative of young Tanzanian Architects who desire to bring changes in Design and Construction world in their societies through educating the society to make right decisions when undertaking any construction project and with keen consideration to the environment (Sustainable Designs).

Gloria is a leader and works with different organizations like Dar Es Salaam Global Shapers, Initiatives of Change Tanzania (IofC – under 40) and Mutual Generation of Tanzania (MGT) where she works on empowerment of different groups in the societies through imparting different skills and knowledge.

Vanessa Anyoti

Vanessa Anyoti is the Deputy Executive Director of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Tanzania and has been a Dar es Salaam Global Shaper since 2014. Vanessa has an educational background in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Passionate about health and gender equality, Vanessa works and advocates for the needs and concerns of young women and girl’s.  Working in gender equality and development, Vanessa has coordinated programs on young women and girl’s leadership, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) & Gender Based Violence (GBV). Vanessa has worked in population and development and has been involved in various post-2015 processes nationally and globally. Vanessa has developed statements, advocacy briefs, fact sheets and papers that have been used to help young women and girls inform policy and decision making.

Mariam Ndabagenga

Mariam Ndabagenga is a civil servant with 7 years experience in Marketing and Events. Currently working at UONGOZI Institute as an Event Coordinator, Mariam oversees organization and management of platforms for leadership development through Training, Policy Forums and Dialogues. Moreover, she is a Social Entrepreneur who uses Fashion and Entertainment for realizing Social Change, through her Missie Popular brand.

Tulanana Bohela

Tulanana is the co-founder of @OnaStories, an Africa first graphic journalism hub. OnaStories is an #innovateAFRICA 2017 winner exploring the intersection of Mobile-first content x digital video with an Africa-first perspective. She is passionate about production and using media to improve the development of African societies, especially in the areas of business, technology, social enterprise and development. She thrives in telling the African story, with pride and historical truth, whilst streamlining new ways to shape our future.

She is also currently the digital lead in Tanzania, as a senior broadcast journalist/producer for the BBC World service.

Tulanana has shared her ideas on the prestigious TED platform via TEDxIlala about how mobile technology is changing the way content is created and shared on the African continent.

Deus Valentine

Deus is an independent development and governance advisor with a keen interest in supporting state and non-state actors to realize the value of innovation, collaboration and comparative strengths through partnerships and investments. Founder and Managing Partner of Advance Afrika Associates; a civil society think tank and advisory firm, Deus is passionate about innovation in civil society and engagement with government. He has worked with various bilateral, private and multilateral funders in supporting programs in Tanzania and the Eastern Africa region applying best practices in grant making, capacity building, program management and social and policy research.  A master’s of Science in Development Studies, Deus has extensive experience working in human rights, governance, electoral support and advocacy in Tanzania and the Eastern African region. In the last five years Deus worked to build a national civil society coalition on constitutional reform in Tanzania while in October 2015 Deus worked with the Foundation for Civil Society to deploy the largest contingent of domestic election observers with over 10,000 observers across the country in effort to enhance the credibility of the electoral process using a data driven election observation approach. His passion for civic technology has led him to play and instrumental role as a mentor to the Tushirikishane Project, which was implemented by Jamii Media in Tanzania with funding from Making All Voices Count (MAVC). The project sought to transform accountability relationships between elected members of parliament and their electorate through strategic use of ICTs and Community Radio. Deus has also been involved in the evaluation of a number of donor basket funds in Tanzania including the Legal Services Facility and the Policy Forum. Currently, he is the local researcher of the Open Government Partnership Subnational Pilot for Tanzania. Deus serves on various advisory capacities with a number of donors and civil society organizations in the region. He is a senior policy advisor at the Legal Services facility and coordinates the Development Partners Governance Working Group (GWG); a collective of donors interested in Tanzania’s democratic and governance issues. Deus is responsible for facilitating learning and engagement with the Government of Tanzania in his role at the DP GWG. He also serves on Twaweza East Africa’s Research and Evaluation Advisory Group.

Deus is a self-starter, results-oriented and team player passionate about building teams, institutions and networks that promote meaningful participation of citizens in improving the state of the world. Deus’s clientele has included the World Bank, the UK Department for International Development, The Canadian Department for Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Global Affairs Canada), the European Union, the Swedish International Development Agency and the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency. Deus has worked with international NGOs and funders including International Budget Partnership, Hivos, the Open Society Foundations and Making All Voices Count.

Sajjad Fazel

Dr. Sajjad Fazel is a clinical pharmacist with experience working in healthcare management and public health across two continents. He is a health columnist for the leading English newspaper in Tanzania and the founder of #AfyaYako, a health initiative and Tv show aimed at educating the public on various health topics through conventional and social media.

Dr. Sajjad is a public speaker and regularly appears as a guest on several local and internarional Tv & Radio shows. He is an active member of the non communicable diseases technical working group at the Ministry of Health in Tanzania and also serves on the board of several NGOs including Africa Tobacco Free Initiative, Healthy Lifestyle and Fazel Foundation.

Dr. Sajjad has completed the Rotary Youth Leadership Award and is part of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers community.

Ian Tarimo

Ian Tarimo is a passionate and visionary change maker with unique experience in community development projects. He has over 7 years of experience in project management mainly focusing on youth empowerment. He holds a bachelor degree in Information Technology from Institute of Finance Management. Ian is currently an alumnus of AIESEC, DFID YAP (Department For International Development Youth Advisory Panel) and YALI (Young Africa Leadership Initiative). He is a cofounder and Executive Director of Tai Tanzania. He brings his passion, leadership and experience to the team.

Lillian Madeje


Standing at the cross section of people and innovation, Lillian has amassed more than 4 years of experience in the human resource industry in Tanzania and has had the privilege of working various projects that link technology with development. She is a co-founder and Managing Director of Ekihya, a consulting company that works hand in hand with businesses in building processes and systems to result in greater efficiency in their operation in addition to being a partner in Bits & Bytes, an Innovation and Technology yearly Conference taking Tanzania by storm.

Lillian has expertise in Qualitative Research having consulted with organizations such as JUMO (Mobile Loan Financial Services), INUKA (A Pearsons UK Children’s literacy App project), Mobisol (Home Solar Sytems) and (Human Centered Design Thinking firm based in USA). From Dar es Salaam to South Africa, Lillian has served as a moderator and facilitator in various events such as the ONE Campaign in 2015 in front of the then Vice President of Tanzania Hon. Gharib Bilal, the Africa Prosperity Index Report 2016 and just recently a key panel discussion on Collaboration for Africa’s Transformation which was attended by the South African Deputy Minister in the Presidency Hon. Buti Manamela.

On her role as a Mentor she participated in the Mara Mentor program in 2013 where she successfully mentored Erick Chrispin of True Maisha Consultancy, volunteered on the YALI East Africa online Mentorship program and oversaw a 6 month program of coaching 5 Local Capacity Based organizations under LEAP program with SNV. In addition to this, she has served a Facilitator for monthly Women Creating Wealth session, a program under the Grace Machel Trust Network. Lillian is also a member of the GoGlobal236 platform which is a Global Network of Women Mentors to StartUps.

She currently serves on the Board of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Tanzania where she has successfully organized GEW events for 3 years in a row from 2012 to 2014, Ambassador for Jali Project, which aims to educate the girl child about menstrual health, Curator for Dar es Salaam Hub which is an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Her passion ranges from hosting a popular radio show called The Link which provided a platform for young businessmen to hosting a TV show on governance and civic duty called +255. Lillian holds a holds a BA in Business Administration, with two major specializations in International Business and Marketing with a minor in Economics and is currently pursuing her MBA through African Leadership University, School of Business.

Jebra Kambole


Jebra Kambole is an Advocate of High Court of Tanzania. He is the Co- founder and head of litigation of Law Guards Advocates, a multifaceted legal firm based in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.
Jebra is among the few lawyers who participate in educating the public through Media on laws, politics and human rights and has been hosted by Star TV (Tanzania), East Africa TV, Clouds FM, EA Radio, Radio Free Africa among others on several occasions to address different societal issues.

He has handled Misc Civil Case no. 5 of 2016 between Rebecca Gyumi Versus Attorney General of Tanzania. The case was in High Court of Tanzania at Dar-es-salaam, and the remarkable ruling was delivered in July 2016 when the court declared child marriage as unconstitutional.

Currently he is following constitutional cases challenging Cyber Crime Act of 2015 Jebra Kambole Versus Attorney General Misc Civil Cause No. 32 of 2015 and the court declared that section 50 of Cyber Crime Act is unconstitutional, Jamii forum ltd versus AG Misc Civil Case No. 9 of 2016. He is also among of lawyers representing Media Council of Tanzania, Legal and Human Right Centre and Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition against Attorney General of Tanzania before East Africa Court of Justice by enact Media Service Act which take away freedom of expression, Tanzania breach East Africa Treaty, Ref No. 2 of 2017, still pending. He has attended several leadership program like Emerging Young African leadership program in March 2017 organized by University of Cape Town.

He is a member of Tanganyika Law society Committee of Constitutional and Legal Affairs and being a public figure, a lawyer and human right activist he believe changes starts from him. It is his passion to see the society with legal and social justice.

Farhan Yusuf

Farhan Yusuf is a Pharmacist with 7 years of experience in the health care field spanning across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Most recently he has carried out different roles related to Health Commodity Logistics and Pharmaceutical Supply Chain in support of various projects/programs funded by development entities such as USAID, PEPFAR and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These roles have included monitoring & evaluation, communications, technical support and governance.

Farhan holds a Bachelors of Pharmacy degree from the Muhimbili University of Health & Allied Sciences. He is a keen promoter of the Sustainable Development Goals and supports various other causes related to education, health and youth empowerment. He is passionate about making a difference and believes very strongly in continuous learning and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Doreen Kessy


Doreen is Chief Operations Officer at Ubongo, a social enterprise that creates edutainment content for learners in Africa, reaching over 2.1 households weekly. At Ubongo she is instrumental in the growth of the organization, fostering partnerships, and distributing its unique content throughout the continent. As an advocate for development, Doreen is very passionate about education as an important tool for reducing poverty, and has designed poverty relief programs implemented in Zimbabwe and Tanzania. She has an MBA and BS in International Business and Economics from Liberty University and has worked at the Int’l Justice Mission in Washington DC, Wells Fargo in Virginia and Smile for Africa in Zimbabwe. Doreen loves to have fun; she does the English voice of one of Ubongo Kids characters, Ngedere (a sassy monkey).